It’s a zoo around here


We decided to throw Elise a first birthday party to not only celebrate her first year, but to celebrate moving into our new house rental with our friends. I am pretty much a big under-achiever when it comes to birthday parties, but I did put some effort into planning and decorating and sticking with a little theme. We decided to go with a zoo theme since Elise loves animals, though she calls all animals "doggies" so maybe we should have gone with a doggie theme? We just blew up some baby pools … [Continue reading...]

Family Photos


We recently did family photos, for the first time ever, with an actual professional photographer (except our wedding of course, before we had kids). It was a fun (and learning) experience. Our kids did pretty well for being so little. Millie did excellent listening and the photographer got a lot of really cute photos of her, Elise was less compliant and there are a few where she is crying!! I did learn something though, bring lots of snacks (and apparently cheese crackers are a better bribe for … [Continue reading...]

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl


Today my sweet Elise turns 1. She  has been a surprise from day one. We found out we were pregnant with her around Millie’s first birthday (which was a surprise), then when she was born she surprised us with her fire red hair and her firery personality to go along with it,  at 6 weeks […]

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Aquarium days


We are now pass holders at the aquarium. One thing that we have made a priority is making sure we have fun things to do wight he girls, so we have aquarium, zoo and children’s museum passes (but honestly if you just go to each of those places 2-3 times the passes are worth it). […]

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on her own two feet


We have been taking walks around the apartment complex since Elise was born, but now that she is pretty stable on her own two feet I let her walk for the first time. She was beyond excited and stopped to look at just about everything. She sat in puddles, put dirt in her mouth, tried […]

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Life long friends


We have moved a good amount for being a non-military family. Basically every 2-3 years since we got married we have moved somewhere new (hopefully this last move will break the pattern). So I have grown tremendously in my ability to make new friends. I have a handful of friends in each place we have […]

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Working together


Someday my girls will work together to do something productive. But for now, this is about as ‘productive’ as they get. This is what I get for sitting at the computer to write a blog post. I should have known the silence was not a good thing.

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Things Millie Says

Millie says2

Millie has always been pretty verbal, but she has reached the age when we have relatively normal conversations. I love talking to my girl and wanted to record some of the things she has said. At the grocery store when she saw the brown eggs.  Millie: Can we get the chocolate eggs? Me: Chocolate eggs? They don’t […]

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Life Updates


A few photos from easter.  Hi dear readers. I have taken an unplanned blog hiatus (again-I know. It is more likely for me not to be blogging than blogging right?). But I am getting the itch again so here I am with a little update. Motherhood: I feel like I have been settling into this life […]

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Elise Grace Birth Story


I want to record Elise’s birth story before I forget, but most like mothers, you know that really isn’t possible, to forget the birth story. At least I don’t think it is, but my kids are still young, so maybe I will be saying something different when they are 30. Elise was a surprise from […]

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