Life Updates


A few photos from easter.  Hi dear readers. I have taken an unplanned blog hiatus (again-I know. It is more likely for me not to be blogging than blogging right?). But I am getting the itch again so here I am with a little update. Motherhood: I feel like I have been settling into this life of a mom of two lately. These ages (2.5 and almost 1) are far from easy ages. But I have a feeling every age will be hard in it's own way, so their is no point lamenting how difficult 2.5 is when I know … [Continue reading...]

Elise Grace Birth Story


I want to record Elise's birth story before I forget, but most like mothers, you know that really isn't possible, to forget the birth story. At least I don't think it is, but my kids are still young, so maybe I will be saying something different when they are 30. Elise was a surprise from the get go. We wanted 2 kids, just didn't expect to get the second one so soon. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Once again I didn't really love pregnancy. I don't ever think I will miss pregnancy, expect … [Continue reading...]

A February Beach Day


Yes, we live in Florida. But since we moved here we have only gone to the beach 3 times. Mostly because it was too hot this summer to go and Elise didn’t love the car until more recently, so it was hard to justify driving 1 hour to the beach. But we finally took the [...]

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    Millie Ruth// 2 years 4 months // Took her on a little ice cream mommy date. she loved it. but the cutest thing was the whole time she talked about daddy and Elise who were back at home. Elise Grace// 7.5 months // Started drinking water recently, she loves her little cup. She [...]

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February Goals

february goals

Lets look back on my January Goals shall we? Only 30 minutes of Facebook every day : nope, really didn’t manage to stick to this, though I did use it less. I figure the number is less important than the reason I use it and when I use Facebook. I have been trying to be more [...]

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A portrait of my children each week of 2015.     Millie Ruth//2 years// She loves being outside. I have been trying to let her explore in the grass more and more and she absolutely loves it. She tries to climb this little tree and loves to look for leaves and sticks. I can’t wait [...]

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days like these//02


Sometimes Daniel asks me if I had a good day. I use to say ‘it was a bad day’ often, because something large (or small) colored the day as bad for me. Now I say “there were some bad parts and good parts” and then I expand on both. The truth is, the grace of [...]

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Confession: I am not good at spontaneity


I love the idea of being spontaneous. Going somewhere new and exploring. But in reality it sort of freaks me out. I always thought I was spontaneous until I got married. My husband so kindly pointed out that I don’t really like when he makes plans and I don’t have control over it. It freaks [...]

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Family Zoo day


I have always loved the zoo, but now that I have kids I have a big excuse to go to the zoo whenever I want. Luckily Millie loves animals (and waterfalls, and our zoo has lots of waterfalls), so we love going to the zoo. I don’t want to make you guys mad at us, [...]

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2015/02 and 03


A little behind on my 52 project, as we are entering week 4 and I haven’t posted week 2 or 3. So here is a quick catch up. Week 2   Elise Grace / 7 months / This girl started babbling this week. It is possibly the cutest thing I have ever heard. She is still [...]

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