Days like these


There are days when my heart beats fast with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the life God has given me. I definitely don't deserve it, and it isn't exactly what I pictured 10 years ago when I was wondering what my life would look like in 10 years. Not only did he bless me with the sweetest two little girls (who have their flaws, don't get me wrong) but he also gave me a husband who is hard working and willing to sacrifice so much to allow me to stay home with our girls. There are days … [Continue reading...]

Thoughts on Advent


I love Advent and Christmas. This time of year is just filled with perfect opportunities to make new memories, celebrate old traditions and enjoy the good cheer everywhere. This year we have started the advent tradition in our house- as I mentioned before- and before I go on let me say, we have missed quite a few readings! It is hard to read to a Β just barely 2 year old and a baby who don't really care to sit still. But I was thinking the other day about what someone said about christmas. It … [Continue reading...]

thoughts on the terrible twos


We have entered the ‘terrible two’ zone in my house. I think Millie really has it down good. She doesn’t really outright act terrible, though she does occasionally hit, it is always very light and you can tell she is doing it to get a rise and not really to hurt. She doesn’t bite, she [...]

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the second born


Sometimes I feel so guilty that my second born, Elise, gets so little one-on-one attention from me. She is so easy-going when she is awake. Very content to crawl around on the living room floor exploring the toys discarded by her sister while Millie naps. This allows me to get a lot done, sewing presents [...]

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‘Tis the season


I love this time of year, and just like the first Christmas after Millie was born, when I was on maternity leave, I am excited to be able to spend my days home enjoying my family instead of at work. But this time of year can easily become overwhelming. Christmas is always a time of [...]

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Three things about blogging.


This blogging thing is funny. I meant to take a short break, which become a long break where I nearly quite writing here. The truth is, it is hard to write here if you feel there is an expectation to write and it is hard to write here if you feel there is no expectation [...]

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The one where I start blogging again


I have seriously enjoyed my very prolonged blogging break, and I actually wanted to shut the whole thing down, but then I already paid for my domain and site and they wouldn’t give me a refund, so I kept it up and running. And now here I am entering the busiest season of the year [...]

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May Goals


I have been too busy this year so far to think about goals. But I decided to jump on the goals train and write some out this month. My goals are not going to be huge as this is the last month before Baby 2 arrives and I don’t really have lots of time (or [...]

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Look, a baby bump and some other random thoughts


  Look, I took pictures of my baby bump. Week 32 with baby 2 (these were taken Easter Sunday). The first picture is the “I don’t know where to put my hands” picture and the second is the “quick take it before Millie runs away” picture. Also, don’t mind the hair. I am growing out [...]

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Joy in the little moments


We bought a slide for Millie through Craigslist this past week and I can honestly say it has been the best purchase to date from Craigslist. And it may be the best toy purchase we have made also. She loves this thing. The first thing she does when she wakes up is go to the [...]

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