May Goals


I have been too busy this year so far to think about goals. But I decided to jump on the goals train and write some out this month. My goals are not going to be huge as this is the last month before Baby 2 arrives and I don't really have lots of time (or energy) on my hands. But I really think writing them down, and sharing them for accountability, will help me achieve at least some of my goals this month. May Goals  Start putting together our family binder: Now that I am staying home and … [Continue reading...]

Look, a baby bump and some other random thoughts


  Look, I took pictures of my baby bump. Week 32 with baby 2 (these were taken Easter Sunday). The first picture is the "I don't know where to put my hands" picture and the second is the "quick take it before Millie runs away" picture. Also, don't mind the hair. I am growing out the pixie and 4 weeks over due for a cut. Thankfully today is the big day, I am just going to go to a local salon and hope for the best. They can't possibly make it look more like a mullet then it currently looks, … [Continue reading...]

Joy in the little moments


We bought a slide for Millie through Craigslist this past week and I can honestly say it has been the best purchase to date from Craigslist. And it may be the best toy purchase we have made also. She loves this thing. The first thing she does when she wakes up is go to the [...]

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Gearing up for baby 2


The thing I feel the worse about is that this photo isn’t even of ‘baby 2′ it is of Millie. Sorry baby 2, I promise one of these days your mama will take a picture of her baby belly with you in it and post it on this blog. Even if I do it right [...]

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Settling In // An update


We made it! I am still in denial and feel a little bit like I am on vacation, but we are here in Florida. This week has been busy with unpacking and organizing, while chasing after a spunky 18 month old. After just a few days I can say, I love our apartment and am [...]

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A mother’s observations

Photo 1

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t really stopped to observe Millie play and explore lately. Usually if she is playing nicely by herself, I grab a few moments to close my eyes, check my email/instagram or send a text to my husband. However, she is at such a fun age to just [...]

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He is my portion


These past few weeks have been tough to say the least. I think I have a new appreciation for my husband and for single moms! I honestly can say I don’t think I could survive being a military wife who watches her husband go off on deployment again and again. But then again, maybe that [...]

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A new adventure

I mentioned a few weeks ago that big changes were coming for us. We are actually moving to Florida! The hubs got a job in Florida and is already down there getting started and settling into his new position. It is a huge life change, but truly something we have prayed for night after night. [...]

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Listening to Ellie Holcomb. Such a lovely voice and perfect for listening during morning nap time. Reading not much, but I am waiting on the book The Good Lord Bird from the library. It is the next book club book and I am trying to get a head start on it since it is a longer one. [...]

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Forts and pretend play


It is sort of hard for me to believe how fast Millie is growing up. She is still a baby in my eyes, but every day she seems to learn something new. Just yesterday she learned to point to something and then point to herself.  Her communication skills just grow and grow every day. She [...]

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