Family Zoo day


I have always loved the zoo, but now that I have kids I have a big excuse to go to the zoo whenever I want. Luckily Millie loves animals (and waterfalls, and our zoo has lots of waterfalls), so we love going to the zoo. I don't want to make you guys mad at us, but the weather was perfect. I realize that the rest of the country is experiencing very cold days (on the way to the zoo D asked me what the weather was in Beverly, MA where we use to live and I laughed when I checked because it was 9 … [Continue reading...]

2015/02 and 03


A little behind on my 52 project, as we are entering week 4 and I haven't posted week 2 or 3. So here is a quick catch up. Week 2   Elise Grace / 7 months / This girl started babbling this week. It is possibly the cutest thing I have ever heard. She is still nonstop all day long, plays hard and crashes hard. Love her dearly. Millie Ruth / 2 years / She practiced using my old camera a lot this week, my parents got her a camera for christmas, but it didn't work, so we … [Continue reading...]

searching for authenticity


I will be honest, I have spent a lot of my life feeling like I am not really experiencing life like other people. I went to a small christian high school, and I absolutely loved my high school experience, but I spent most of the time feeling like my life wasn’t really like a typical [...]

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January Goals

January goals

I wrote about my yearly goals the other day, and part of making yearly goals successful is making shorter term goals. Because I am a procrastinator (seriously if one of you isn’t a procrastinator please identify yourself so I can study your ways), and I need more short term steps to keep me on track. [...]

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will i ever sleep again?


Things have been rough in my house in the sleep department, to say the least. Both girls are  battling ear infections and are waking multiple times a night. Last night was an all time low as Millie woke up 10 times between the hours of 1:30 and 6:00, which yes, means I didn’t get to [...]

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2015/01 52 project


This year I am finally jumping on the 52 project (if you follow any other blogs you have likely heard of it). But basically, you take a photo of your kids every week of the year. I wanted to do it last year but I didn’t even really blog last year, so that didn’t happen. [...]

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Hello 2015, I am ready for you!


  At some point I am going to do a round up post of 2014 (with no links, because it was the year of not really blogging for me). But today I wanted to share with you my goals for 2015. January 1st isn’t a magical day, and January isn’t exactly a magical month, but [...]

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Christmas 2014


Christmas has come and gone, and we are in the new year. 2015 came upon me so quickly and Christmas went by with a blur. My time in Massachusetts was very nice, I was able to spend a good amount of time with my family and see my nearest and dearest friends while there. The [...]

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Days like these


There are days when my heart beats fast with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the life God has given me. I definitely don’t deserve it, and it isn’t exactly what I pictured 10 years ago when I was wondering what my life would look like in 10 years. Not only did he bless me [...]

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Thoughts on Advent


I love Advent and Christmas. This time of year is just filled with perfect opportunities to make new memories, celebrate old traditions and enjoy the good cheer everywhere. This year we have started the advent tradition in our house- as I mentioned before- and before I go on let me say, we have missed quite [...]

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