Weekly Links and Favorites

We have been pretty busy this week, at least for us. Our days have been the same, but our nights have been filled with friends and family stopping by. Millie loves when her family stops by to snuggle her. I even got out of the house this week, going to book club, and hopefully tonight going to girls night with the ladies at my church. It is so wonderful to get out of the house and see adults! haha Although I am still bringing Millie with me on these outings, it is still wonderful. Here are my favorite pictures of this week:

Now onto my favorites in the world wide web this week: 

Want to see a cute picture of a cute baby doing some dance moves. Go here. It will only take a minute. You will be glad you did.

Is it just me or do I post a link to her blog every week?

This post about blog advertising got me thinking. What is your take on advertising?

Spiced Pumpkin Bread? Yes please

Instagram coasters: an easy DIY

Is anyone else going christmas crazy like me yet? Here are my favorite Christmas Inspriations lately. I am trying to only use pictures that have original sources. So sorry if i missed the boat on one :) You know what I hate the most is when you pin something, go back and try to find the original source and it is a broken link! Especially if it is a DIY project! that just kills me.

Kindling/Pom-pom garland/

Thankful Banner (except I am planning a Xmas themed one)/Baby’s first Ornament/Felt Stockings 

Snowflakes/Tree village /Subway Art

Have to be honest, I am never going to be able to pull off those snowflakes. I am no good at paper crafts. But I have big plans for the pom-pom garland, tree forest and baby’s first ornament.

Thankful for: (I am behind a few days)

3 nights in a row of 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep this week. Way to go baby girl!

Friends visiting 3 nights this week

The freedom to vote

Warm sweaters on a cold day

Baby sounds

Christmas Music and Spodify which makes listening to your favorites affordable!

A New Prayer Partner

Getting out of the house

Sun shining through the windows this morning


  1. Beth Goad says:

    Millie is so sweet! Thanks for sharing those links. The blog sponsorship post was an interesting read. And I’m so looking forward to Christmas this year too! It will be the first year we’ve put up a tree in our house :)

  2. what gorgeous christmas decorations (and yeah, I’m no good at cutting out snowflakes either– or at least snowflakes that look like that.) thank you for linking up!