Hello Monday {some quick thoughts}

Hello friends, hello Monday.

~~So I had all these intentions of planning some book review posts for my week away at the Shore last week, but then I decided to just let the blog be mostly silent for a week. I had the most wonderful vacation with my family and I can’t wait to post some pictures of our time in Ocean City. It was perfect. Millie is officially a beach lover now. Even though we had a wonderful time it is so good to be home (it helps that I just love our house). And now we only have a week and a half until we head away to San Diego to vacation with our family from D’s side. I.Can’t.Wait. but then again, I can wait. This summer has flown by so fast already, I just want to slow down, even if it is only for a week and a half, and enjoy the time we have.~~

~~Can you believe it is August? I know that most of the country goes back to school in august, but we, thankfully, still have the whole month off. So summer is really technically only half over. Last year around this time I couldn’t wait for school to start and autumn to be here because I was so excited for baby girl’s arrival. This year I am enjoying summer but not all together dreading the start of the school year. I love being home, but I do also love my job (and my friends at my job).~~

~~M learned so much this past week it is CRAZY. She is growing so fast it makes my heart sad and excited all at once. I love seeing the little person she is becoming but I am not ready for these baby days to be over. Luckily she will still be a baby for a while.~~

~~Any other moms out there a stroller fanatic? I am always staring at other people’s strollers. I am not sure why I am so fascinated by strollers. Maybe it is because I spent a lot of my pregnancy researching types of strollers? I LOVE our stroller, but I still can’t keep my eyes off other strollers. What is wrong with me!?~~

~~Have you read any good books lately? I just finished reading this one, this one and this one. All really good books. I will be reviewing them soon. I am all about only reading really good books this summer, since my time is limited, and all three picks were really good ones. As you can see, none of these books were on my summer reading list. Whoops. That always happens though. I still have read 2 of the books on my list and am planning on reading Love Does next. One of the books is moved to my fall list since we postponed one of our book club books for the summer.~~

~~Vacation is exhausting. I am in need of a nap. Today I am taking full advantage of nap time.~~

~~Now I am going to leave you with some of my favorite reads from the world-wide-web, or the ‘net as my mom calls it~~

Loved both of these posts about living in a small space: Living Small (this is part of a series) and Our Home: the big idea of small

This post about chasing wonder 

I loved this post that Melanie from Big Mama wrote to her daughter on her 10th birthday. (seriously start reading her blog, but first read her book)

This post: 34 hobbies for new moms. I am definitely going to look into making a blog book like she suggests!

this post about doing something for your future self

And this post about life being more beautiful with clouds.

Oh and in case you missed it, this post on when you think your love story is boring This may have been my favorite read lately.


  1. Hi Allison! Thanks so much for the link! Yes, blog books are a must! I’ve made a few for my private, family blog (that is really just for the grandparents), but I haven’t compiled Let Why Lead into a book at all. I think eventually, I’ll do my favorite posts.

    It sounds like you’re having a great summer! I’m jealous (and happy for you! :) that you’re going to San Diego next week! I’m trying to get my siblings to all meet in San Diego in October.

    Well, have a great day! I’m going to check out some of your other links!

    • alundstrom says:

      That is a good idea to do your favorite posts. We are having a great summer, but like I said it is flying by way too fast. I have never been to San Diego so I am very excited. I hope it works out for you and your siblings to go in October!

  2. It is crazy how fast little ones grow and change, right!?! Our little miss will be one month tomorrow and she’s already changed so much!!!

    • alundstrom says:

      I can’t believe that little Klara is already a month!? time does go by really fast, some times too fast.