It’s been a while, and here I am. Maybe you didn’t notice my absence. I feel the need to write a little. The 3 month break has been really good for me (and the family I think). So what have we been up to?

We have had our fair share of snow already this winter, and cold weather. October quickly turned into cold November and the snow started falling. I am going to be honest though, we haven’t really played in the snow much. I like how it looks, but lately I have felt inclined to stay inside. Millie loves the snow though, and gets lots of play time on warmer afternoons with her babysitter and the other kids there. So I don’t feel so guilty about not taking her out.

Right before Christmas D and I enjoyed a night away in Boston. It was a perfect little get away for us.

We spent thanksgiving with my family here. It was a great day. My sister invited a few couples who weren’t able to make it to their homes for thanksgiving. It was fun to have the extra company, and the house was full of laughter. We played games and just enjoyed the day. We did our annual Feaster 5K that morning and boy was it cold. Too cold to really take pictures, so I don’t really have anything to document our Thanksgiving except from the photo above. That seems to be the theme around here to be honest.

Christmas was equally nice and very relaxing. This year D, Millie and I went out to Rockford to visit D’s parents. We were the only ‘kids’ that made it out, so it was pretty low-key. Which we actually enjoyed a lot. Millie learned to walk over Christmas and I enjoyed catching up on some reading thanks to the extra help!

Now it is January, the dead of winter, when spring seems so far away, probably because it is really unpredictable when spring will come when you live in New England. We are trying to make the most of it and have been doing some re-decorating and lots of organizing to make the long cold winter weekends stuck inside more bearable.

Incase you missed it because you don’t follow me on Instagram or see me in person on a regular basis (or if you aren’t family) we are expecting our second baby girl in June! We can’t wait to meet our next little one and are excited that Millie will become a big sister.


  1. ruthy says:

    I’m so happy to see an update, and congrats on another girl!!!

    • alundstrom says:

      Thanks Ruthy, I am glad you are able to do a little blogging too. We are pretty excited for another girl! Will you find out what you are having this time?

  2. Awww congratulations!! I must have missed the announcement in instagram! Millie is growing up so fast.

  3. letwhylead says:

    Oh congratulations!! Sounds like you’ve had a really nice couple of months. I hope you’re feeling well!