Forts and pretend play

It is sort of hard for me to believe how fast Millie is growing up. She is still a baby in my eyes, but every day she seems to learn something new. Just yesterday she learned to point to something and then point to herself.  Her communication skills just grow and grow every day. She has several words (No, Uh-Oh, Oh-no, mommy, daddy, what’s that, here, cheese and I am pretty sure she says ‘what are you doing’). It is very possible she has more words than we realize because she babbles all day long and seems to say the same sounds over and over again in the same situations.

One of the other things I love about this age is that she is beginning to really play. Not just pushing over a tower or trying to figure things out, but she plays in her kitchen every day ‘cooking’, rocks and kisses her baby doll and pretends to read books. She is active, vibrant and curious and I seriously love her more every day. Lately we have been building forts on the really cold days when we are stuck inside and can’t go out. I don’t get to spend every day with her since I am working full-time outside the home, but I try to soak up the weekends and focus on her when I get the chance.  I am not perfect though, there are days when I just want to sit quietly on the couch catching up on blogs or reading while she plays, but I am trying to focus more on her while I have the time. After all, my time with just one baby will come to a close in June and things will never be this peaceful again… or at least it will feel that way I am sure.


  1. Louise O'Brien says:

    Hi Allison! I am soo thrilled to see your blogs again, as I have missed you, and I really love reading your blogs. Millie is just so adorable! please send me your email address, mine is And congrats on your pregnancy, I am delighted to hear Millie will be a big sister! One baby is fun, but two has its challenges, yet I can’t imagine my life without my two little ones. I look forward to being able to email you, and not just comment on your blog. God bless. Louise

  2. chelsea says:

    Such a precious day!

  3. ruthy says:

    she is looking so big!! (and yes, I’ll be finding out the sex of our next LO) 😉